Thursday, 5 April 2012


Design of the first CESYG module is progressing well.  The PCB is nearing completion, the order for the front panels has been sent off, and most of the parts are in.

One aspect that needs finalising is the choice of knob.  After much searching and comparing, I've whittled the choice down to two options.

Cliff KM15B

This has a very clean black-on-black look, with diamond-cut lines on the top of the knobs.  From the Cliff website:
Knurled aluminium shell on plastic inner. Standard finish is black anodised to a very high standard.

Sifam TP 150 006

With a matching red cap with a white dot - continuing the round theme of the panel graphics - this looks very red and demanding attention from the eye!  It is definitely bolder than the Cliff knobs, but is it too bold?

But.... which to choose?  Choices...choices....

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